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Stop Catalogs, Magazines and Direct Mailbox Mailings

Junk mail is an annoyance as well as a waste of natural resources. Several years ago I decided to try and cut back on the volume I received and it has worked. These days I get a piece of mail about every two weeks.

The fastest method of eliminating junk mail is through DMAchoice. Even if you don’t declare war on mailbox garbage DMA Choice will help take care of a lot of it. If you only do one thing please take the time to help save the environment just a little bit by signing up with them and opting out mailers which are immediately thrown in the trash. If we all tried to curb our trash mail it would keep literal tons of garbage out of landfills and our waterways. That trash is not simply a case of biodegradable paper. Inks used for making junk mail contain high concentrations of heavy metals which makes the paper difficult to recycle and toxic to soil and water.

First, set up an account with DMAchoice. Through them you will be able to opt out of mail from the following categories: magazines, catalogs, and ‘other mail’. At the top of each category page is the option to ‘Remove My Name’ from all. DMAchoice also offers the option of stopping credit card offers.

  • You will need to create an account for every individual who receives junk mail at an address and opt out for each name.
  • You may opt in to continue to receive catalogs you want.
  • I was receiving a lot of junk mail addressed to the previous resident of my house. I created a DMAchoice account at my address with their name using a trash email account. This effectively stopped their junk mail from being delivered to my house.
  • You cannot stop junk mail addressed to ‘Resident’ since it is sent out by the post office to an area, not to an individual.
  • Go paperless on utility and other bills when you can. Those who send you bills also include a lot f advertisements, plus not receiving bills in a mailbox helps prevent identity theft.

If you are still getting mail you don’t want another option is to check the senders company website and look under ‘Privacy Policy’. Often they provided a way for you to request to be removed from their direct mailing list. For awhile I had a pile of catalogs on my desk to go through to try and get off of. Every so often I would visit a few websites and remove myself from each list individually. It was tedious but worth it. I knew it benefited the planet, helped me reduce my carbon footprint plus kept my name off a list which would in turn be sold and create more garbage mail. It all counts.

Lists of names and addresses used in bulk mailings reside in mass data-collection networks. Your name is typically worth 3 to 20 cents each time it is sold. –

Bulk mail companies sell your address. Once you get off a list they no longer pass it along. A domino effect happens where you begin to fall off multiple mass mailing lists. It will take a few months but you will see the volume of junk mail in your box recede. It can eventually trickle to almost nothing.

An average adult will receive 41 lbs of junk mail every year. 44% goes to a landfill unopened.

Another tip is to be aware who you buy from. I was junk mail free until I bought something from Wayfair online. Suddenly I was being sent a lot of mail and also getting subscription to magazines I had no interest in. They sold my name and address repeatedly and I had to start the battle of opting out all over again. I still haven’t gotten Wayfair to stop sending me their catalog. Phone calls, letters, emails and still I get their trash. They have spent more money mailing me garbage than they made in profit off my small purchase. Because of the volume of mail I received I regretted ever ordering from this company.

For more information on stopping junk mail and its impact on our environment please visit

Have you tried to stop mass direct mail to your mailbox? What companies are the worst offenders? Please let us know of your experiences and leave any tips you may have.

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