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Our goal is to create a collection of suggestions for average people so they may live a greener life. We wish to do this through a community sharing ideas.

Do you have a green or sustainable living idea you would like to contribute? accepts user submitted articles. Our interest is in small, single topic How To, DIY methods or tips for a sustainable lifestyle which are easy and realistic for the average person to implement.

YES – How to grow basil in a container and why it is green/sustainable.
NO – How to grow a complete, organic garden or a list of ways to make your garden organic.
YES – How to make biodegradable laundry detergent and why it is green/sustainable.
NO – How to make biodegradable laundry detergent, line dry your clothes and fight your HOA on laundry lines.

Photos are required please. Unfortunately we would not be able to provide photography for every topic.

We are about people taking baby steps towards a greener life, not tying to overwhelm them with change. is interested in ideas on gardening, cooking, backyard wildlife, cleaning, green kids activities, storage, anything home and lifestyle related.

We support local green business, community projects, authors of sustainability books, nature photographers and earth wise organizations. Let us know what you would like us to include in the ‘About You’ section! is a small community effort and a labor of love, not a business. We are non profit and do not generate revenue. We do not pay for articles or accept previously published articles. Thank you for understanding.

If interested in contributing to our community please submit your article below. You should hear from us shortly. Thank you!


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